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Security alarm systems

The main objectives of security alarm systems are signaling an alert in case of fire or in a fire hazardous situation as well as the reliable protection against the penetration of the protected area by outsiders (apartment, office, warehouse, commercial premises, etc.).

Alarm annunciation systems

Automatic alarm annunciation system is a complex of cooperative technical means that allow to automatically or manually give alert signals to the central security desk in case of criminal assault on the facility during its working hours.

The panic button is a constant attribute of any modern office, store or entertainment establishment. With one click it allows to call a security team within minutes.

Access control systems

Access control system (ACS) is one of the components of a security system. It can be used both alone and in combination (integrated) with the other components of the security system, such as security and fire alarm systems, CCTV monitoring. In any case, the main objective of ACS is the organization of movement through control points (access points) in accordance with certain rules. Individuals and vehicles can serve as the subjects.

CCTV monitoring

CTTV monitoring has become the main, and sometimes the sole remedy for ensuring security on the variety of objects. Surveillance cameras are now ubiquitous. Offices, shops, warehouses, trucks, houses – you name it... A vigilant eye is following you from anywhere. The popularity of CCTV monitoring can be attributed to, above all, its effectiveness in protection of and guarding the territory, property and in ensuring personal safety.

The most effective one is CCTV monitoring integrated with access control systems (ACS), as well as with security and fire alarm system (SFAS) and security alarm systems (SAS). Integration with the security alarm system allows simplifying and optimizing the system significantly. And, in addition to all the benefits, it allows to eliminate the human factor in case of force majeure on the protected facility. In this case, the system itself will be able to specify exactly where the emergency occurred. On receiving alarm signals from the other systems included in the security system, the display will show an emergency area.