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Other engineering systems

Telephone systems

Installation of telephone systems at office and industrial premises includes the establishment of a reliable and stable telecommunications system with unique functional features enabling voice and other information transfer inside the premises (mini-PABX) and outside them (connection to the city telephone networks or alternative communications operators).

Radio systems

Installation of a radio system creates a special audio broadcasting system in which the sound from a transmitter is translated to a huge number of subscribers via fixed wired networks. Sound (speech or music) is received by a central amplifier station through a long distance telephony station.

Distinct advantages of the radio installation are high reliability, high quality radio transmission, possibility to operate in the absence of electricity in buildings, easy to use and maintain. Through wired radio one can broadcast news, radio shows, special news reports, alerts and early warnings. Radio service primarily exploits overhead line networks. In exceptional cases, underground lines are used.

Toll television

CATV system includes a set of technical means for the reception, processing and distribution of television signals. From a satellite or a terrestrial transmitting station a cable television station receives signals of the central and local television studios or satellite programs. The amplified television signal is transmitted into a cable route. To distribute television signals to subscribers through the cable television system special cables are used: coaxial or fiber optic cables.

Sound systems

Today all public facilities whether shopping malls or entertainment centers, train stations or airports, large manufacturing organizations or service firms have sound systems as their necessary attributes. Adjusted to broadcasting music or voice clips, audio advertisements or to announcing important information to the public, the auditory transmission systems play important role in filling audio space, they save from the silence, allow to transmit any useful information, which should be taken into account by recipients.

Conferencing systems

Conferencing system is an actively developing kind of corporate communications. Modern technologies used for the construction of conferencing systems enable a company to set a conferencing system, which meet the highest standards. The main types of conferencing that are the most popular today are telephone conferencing and video conferencing systems.

Structured cabling systems (SCS)

Structured cabling system (SCS) is the physical basis of the building infrastructure, which allows narrowing many network information services of different purpose down to a single unified system: local computer and telephone networks, security systems, CCTV monitoring, etc. As a rule, these services are considered within a framework of specific departments of a company.

SCS represents a hierarchical cable system, set up in a building or a group of buildings, which consists of structural subsystems. Its equipment is composed of a set of copper and optical cables, wire blocks, cords, cable connectors, modular jacks, data outlets, as well as auxiliary equipment. All elements of the SCS are integrated into a single complex (system) and operated according to specific rules.