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Fire Safety Outsourcing

Fire Safety Outsourcing provides for the transfer of functions to ensure the fire safety by a professional expert organization. “Safe Systems” offers to carry out the fire safety outsourcing on a regular basis, providing comprehensive and continuous monitoring of the fire safety level of your company.

As part of the fire safety outsourcing, our experts will perform activities as follows:

1. Provision of qualified advice about fire safety

2. Organization of fire safety service for new (under construction) companies ‘from scratch’

3. Selection and training of persons responsible for fire safety

4. Drafting of documents on fire safety (orders, instructions, logs, posters, stickers, signs)

5. Organization and conduct of fire safety briefings with the company's employees without any additional cost

6. Drafting or adjustment of evacuation plans in case of fire

7. Cost optimization of the fire protection systems maintenance

8. Conduct of the fire safety engineering of the facility and determination of its compliance with the applicable standards in the field of fire safety

9. Representation of the Client’s interests during the fire safety audit of the company by fire authorities

10. Drafting a regulation and submission of the budget and plan to eliminate the shortcomings for approval to the Customer

11. Drafting a schedule on removal of shortcomings and its reconciliation with fire authorities

12. Inspection of fire extinguishers, organization of their maintenance and preparation of the operational documents. For a more flexible approach and with a view to meeting a wider range of clients, we have a variety of service packages, from a schedule (annual) inspection of the Customer’s responsible persons to performance of all works by our experts. Having entrusted the fire safety to our experts, you will save time and money, as well as receive quality and the full service package on fire safety outsourcing.