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Occupational Safety Audit

Occupational Safety Audit is an independent assessment of the labor protection system of the company carried out by an expert panel. Audit enables a reliable identification and prevention of hazards of working processes, identification of existing violations in the occupational safety system, development of recommendations to address the inconsistencies found, as well as to analyze the compliance of relevant documentation on labor protection with the applicable legislation of Ukraine.

The audit is carried out by qualified personnel who have work experience in the State Health and Safety Supervision Authorities and at large industrial enterprises, and includes the items, as follows:

1. Personnel Development

Our experts will analyze accuracy of drafting and maintaining of documentation on occupational safety in your company, evaluate the actual knowledge of your employees, compliance of the personnel with prescribed occupational safety standards and regulations, check availability and accuracy of the required logs.

2. Company Survey

This stage involves a comprehensive technical analysis of occupational safety and health of the company, as well as of its documentation for the equipment and machinery, the appropriate level of training of the personnel who operate and maintain it, availability of all necessary instructions.

The company survey also covers the availability of all necessary documents for the proper functioning of the Company’s occupational safety system, orders and regulations, as well as their compliance with applicable health and safety legislation.

3. Legal and technical support of audit results in national inspection authorities.

By ordering an occupational safety audit done by our Company you will get a detailed report on violations identified and options for eliminating them. At the same time, we are ready to accompany solutions agreed with the Customer in national inspection authorities.